• “I’m not a very good golfer but after using the Bungeeclub for just a couple of weeks I’m now able to consistently get the ball off the ground and down the fairway.”

    Tracy Hodges
  • “I’m always on the search for golf training aids that give my students the feel of what position I’m trying to get them to at impact. With Bungeeclub, I really saw the difference.”

    Robert Lowry, PGA Professional
  • “I’ve been doing a lot of half swings with and without a ball with my Bungeeclub. I’ve noticed I’m hitting the ball about 15 yards further with every club and the last time I went out and played I hit more greens than I ever have-awesome concept!”

    Dennis Hodges
  • “I’m about a 30 handicap. What I’ve seen the Bungeeclub do for me in a very short time was get seven to 10 more yards. After a couple of weeks with this I’m getting up to 12 to 15 yards more on every ball.”

    Robert Martinez
  • “I was out using my Bungeeclub and then went back to my regular 8 iron and my extension through impact has returned. Feels like my golf swing from 40 years ago. I like doing lots and lots of half swings with it.”

    Bob McDonald, PGA Professional, New Zealand
  • “I’m a 10 handicap. [The Bungee Club] is without question the best training vehicle I’ve ever used in golf. It keeps you totally connected, you hit it nice and straight. It’s a great training tool.”

    Pat King