Can you hit balls with the Bungeeclub?

You can, but it’s primarily designed to be an at home trainer. The Bungeeclub is most effective when it is used without balls and swung at slower swing speeds. This way you can really focus on the feedback and position of the bungee cord. We have found that when golfers hit balls with it they focus on where the ball is going and not the feedback that the trainer is giving them.

What is the correct tension to have on the cord?

There is no one right tension level. It is really based on your preference. With the collar around your neck, start with the club head about 4 inches off the ground when you are standing straight up.

Is the Bungeeclub available in retail stores?

Not at this time. The Bungeeclub is only available through the internet via our web site, Amazon or eBay.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. The shipping calculator will calculate the international shipping charge and add it to the cost of your order.

Is the Bungeeclub available in left hand orientation?

Not at this time.