We are going to be discussing 3 basic swing fundamentals below. Understand that this is just the beginning of producing a good golf swing and the Bungeeclub will assure you have these basics covered. With the instant feedback provided by this amazing golf club training aid you will start to see improvement very fast which wil allow you to start shooting lower scores.

Pre-swing Fundamentals

  • Your grip
  • Your stance/posture

First Part of Swing

  • Your take-away
  • Your extension as you turn away from the ball
  • Your position at the top of your swing

Second Part of Swing

  • Your transition—from the top of your swing to your impact position
  • Your impact position-the moment of truth in your swing!
  • Your follow through

What we have for you next to help you improve is some drills and exercises to use with the Bungeeclub. These are important and will teach you some great positions to help with improving your golf game