Having the Bungeeclub setup correctly for you is the first and most important step. Each person is different, we all come in different sizes and this swing trainer needs to be set up correctly so that you get the most out of it.

The following are the steps needed to make sure that you have setup the Bungeeclub to your size.

1.Fasten the bungee collar around your neck by taking each end of the collar-“D” ring in front and facing out and wrapping the collar around your neck. The collar should be comfortable with about 1″ of slack in the collar. Then, attach the bungee cord hook to the D ring on the collar. secure safety latch on the hook.


2 .Adjust the tension in the cord to desired level by moving the hook up (to lighten or down to strengthen) the tension. There is no right or wrong amount of tension but as a rule tension should be strong enough to give you immediate feedback if you don’t maintain extension in the arms.